Gender and Development

Gender equality refers to equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities that all persons should enjoy, regardless of whether one is born male or female. Given that women are usually in a disadvantaged position compared to men. Therefore, implies explicit attention to women’s needs and perspectives to achieve gender equality.  We are working hard to enhance equal employment, education and healthcare opportunities for women through adopting and integrating measures that ensure equal representation for all women.

offered its service concerning this topic to a wide range of companies and organizations including but not limited to:

-  Conducted a study on Decision Making Process to provide analysis of Palestinian women’s access to power and decision-making on three levels: household, community, and national levels, in the economic political and social spheres.

-  Implemented psychological and sociological counselling sessions (group and individual session) for those working directly with women suffering from violence.

-  Developed a study on the impact of the legal aid services provided by the civic society organizations to female beneficiaries, which included highlighting and analyzing the role played by these organization in providing the legal aid services from a gender perspective.         


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