Education and Youth Empowerment

strongly convinced that the ability for a society to flourish and to succeed is founded in the appropriate education and empowerment of its youth. Therefore, invests in the empowerment, education and employment of their young people. To that end, we continuously participate in projects and programs that support education and empower youth to seek development opportunities and allow them to engage with, and contribute towards, their local communities.

implemented several studies and projects that contributed in developing the education of youth including but not limited to:

-  A study on the status of education in Palestine at the governmental, public and private levels in order to provide a deeper understanding of the reality of education in terms of analyzing the situation and providing a quantitative and qualitative map about providers and programs of education in Palestine.

-  A research study under the title of “socio-emotional learning challenges resulting from the ongoing political violence and impacting students’ socio-academic performance in area C and Gaza Strip,” to provide recommendations on the best possible interventions and strategies that can be undertaken to both reduce the negative impact of the socio-emotional learning challenges, and promote socio-emotional learning outcomes.

-  An evaluation of the labor market needs to develop the curriculum for grades K-10, developed new ways to teach the curriculum, and established an instructional manual to support new teachers to deliver an education that meets the labor market needs.

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