Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of its commitment to improving Palestinian society,  has developed a Corporate Social Reponsibility (CSR) Program. Through this CSR Program,  organizes community volunteering campaigns and offers free or discounted services and training sessions for both individuals and organizations, for example:

o    Organizing and sponsoring a blood-drive in the Palestinian universities for the blood bank

o    Holding recreational days for individuals with disabilities

o    Conducting free workshops on learning disabilities, hyperactivity, listening/speech difficulties, autism, and children’s rights  for teachers, counselors and charities

o    Hosting free workshops for college students on how to write CVs and prepare for job interviews

o    Identifying the needs of charities, through free workshops, and offering them discounts

o    Providing needy students free or discounted training courses (up to 6 students/month) and scholarships

o    Donating first-aid kits to schools in poor areas

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