Business Development

Business Development

 provides consultancy and advisory services to help businesses start, grow and sustain. From setting up a business to expanding an existing one,  offers all the services needed for your business to thrive.  specializes in working with Small to Medium Enterprises that are based in Palestine and the MENA region on:


o    Business Plan Training and Design

o    Financial and Accounting Systems

o   Human Resources Management and Development

o   Innovation

o   Institutional Development and Structure

o   Marketing and Sales Services

o    Privatization and Investment

o    Project Management

o   Research for Business Development: Market Surveys,

     Needs Assessment, Feasibility Studies, and more


In addition to evaluating, developing, and revising business plans for diverse clients,  has conducted thousands of training hours in business planning and development for clients in the private and NGO sectors, as well as for hundreds of individuals, and has conducted dozens of marketing studies inside and outside Palestine.  

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