Project, Program, and Institutional Evaluations

considers a strong evaluation plan as a core factor of any project or program because it serves as a management tool for reviewing performance of programs and activities. Indeed, the evaluation process improves the design as well as the implementation of upcoming programs and initiatives.

employs recognized research-based methodologies providing the highest level of expertise in evaluation. Additionally, we equip our clients with tools for the development of indicators and monitoring systems to evaluate their achievements in the future.

offered its evaluation services to a wide range of companies and organizations including but not limited to:

In-depth institutional evaluation and restructuring, as well as setting up planning, monitoring and evaluation systems, and job descriptions.

Thematic Evaluation exploring the relationship between women's economic empowerment and violence against women in three communities in Southern Hebron.

Evaluation of the impact and effectiveness of projects upon beneficiaries to understand the best practices to support and empower women economically; this included assessing, planning and implementation mechanisms to improve reach and interactions with direct and potential beneficiaries.

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