Research Studies

offers comprehensive qualitative and quantitative research services. Our company leads the design and implementation of surveys, needs and impact assessment, opinion polls, trend analysis, market surveys, baseline studies, and evaluations.

’s skilled research consultants and statisticians design research methodology, gather information, analyze and present complex data, and write reports of all lengths in Arabic, English, and other languages.  Furthermore, we use common research software, including Access 2010 Database for data entry and SPSS for data and statistical analysis. 

 Our research experience covers various fields including economics, business, market access, health, education, natural resources, agriculture, media, gender, and more.

-  Developed a “Stock Take Study of Current Land Development Practices” to assess and monitor the traditional land development practices and different land farming systems. In addition, to measure the suitability of agricultural practices for increasing local availability and consumption of nutritious food and future climate challenges.

-  Conducted a Study on “The Systemic Causes which Prevent Gender Equality in Palestine” in order to identify the challenges and opportunities for socio economic empowerment of Palestinian rural women; and to question if socio-economic empowerment of Palestinian rural women represents an opportunity for gender equality in terms of fairer income, more secure workplace and social protection.

-  Developed a Baseline Study on “Partial Credit Guarantee for MSMEs in West Bank and Gaza Strip” to identify appropriate target segments and appropriate financing products in the key intended areas namely renewable energy for SMEs, Agriculture for Micro Small and Medium agriculture businesses, MSMEs operating in Gaza women businesses, and start-up businesses.

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